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Re: geekness

Jason Williams wrote:

>Maybe a HOWTO glossary would be a good "intermediate" solution here...

I was going to suggest that myself, so it's not surprising I think it's a great
idea. Of course, it's an old idea - the IEEE has had a glossary of technical
terms to be used in their standards for years. Just because they've done it is no
reason not to do it. Linux has a pot load of jargon, and a glossary could serve
the triple duty of educating LDP authors to what things are called, letting
authors refer to the glossary so readers can find a definition of jargon, and
providing readers with URLs to get to HOWTOs that really explain a term. The
glossary should provide an immediate definition, but some things need a lot more.

>Perhaps a list of the "worst offenders" so that people can see what needs

I don't think stigmatizing some LDP authors as "offenders" is very positive. I
think, however, that certain authors may appreciate a collaborator, and as soon
as we can get a good example, we could have a  list of LDP authors looking for

>(I'm new to the list, so forgive me if I'm spouting nonsense or, worse,
repeating things that have already been said :-)

I don't think it was nonsense, and it needed to be said.


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