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Re: Work Machine for LDP

At 10:11 30/05/00 -0700, Poet/Joshua Drake wrote:
>        Mirror. (I am going to make an assumption that means we will have
>        to have their banner on the front page of our site like the other

Bad idea IMHO. If they can host us, fine.
If they want banners, we will go to metalab or somewhere else if it is not possible.

>2. I go out and purchase a machine and ship it to Metalab for our use.
>I have no problem buying a machine for the LDP. 

I'd prefer this.

>Either way, the machine will kick ass :)

Right :)

I'm also trying to get a machine and a line dedicated to the LDP for a cvs mirror, web, and ftp in west europe - I have no reply yet but I'll keep trying.

My notebook on a dial up would *not* be the ideal machine for that job.

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