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Work Machine for LDP


As Guylhem and Greg already know I have been speaking with VA Linux for
sometime about getting a work machine for us. This machine would be used
for the following:

1. US CVS Mirror
2. SGML Processing
3. Author work environment (for those who would like it)
4. Dynamics -
        By dynamics I mean parts of the website that are currently 
        difficult on the metalab server. One of these items
        is a complete user comment tracking system for our documents.
        I have most of the baseline written but it requires Postgresql.
        We would like to also offer the ability to allow submission
        via the website.

        This also includes general LDP development, test website etc...

5. Runs Linux :) (Nothing against the Solaris of Metalab but it would be

What this is NOT and I repeat NOT, is an attempt to move the website.
We are happy with Metalab and there is no reason to move.

We have two options here:

1. We agree to the following below and we get a machine from VA Linux:

        The machine is hosted on the SourceForge Pipe

        VA Linux/SourceForge becomes the "Official" North American CVS
        Mirror. (I am going to make an assumption that means we will have
        to have their banner on the front page of our site like the other
        sourceforge sites. I do not know this for a fact though.)

2. I go out and purchase a machine and ship it to Metalab for our use.
I have no problem buying a machine for the LDP. 

Either way, the machine will kick ass :)

Joshua Drake

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