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Work MachineZ - Part3

First let me say that these are wonderful problems to be discussing.
having several machines and plenty of disks and enthusiastic people is a
great thing. thanks for your good work, joshua!

we tackle some very similar set up problems at metalab. here's what we do:

we have a "work machine" which allows logins for our various maintainers
of archives etc. there folks can compile, script etc to their hearts'
content. we even allow telnet and ftp into that machine--not that i want
to; like joshua i would require ssh etc in an ideal situation.

The files are shared in the most part with the web/ftp server. root on the
web/ftp server owns the files (not root on the work machine) for security
reasons. the web/ftp server is only accessible by ssh and only to certain
ids (about 3).

if the work machine dies, the server keeps on cooking. changes to files on
the work machine are accessible to the web/ftp server without any file
transfer or other updates (unless you want to be a bit more careful).

this arrangement has worked pretty well for the past 5 years and i
recommend it. still a completely standalone set up is a fine way to go

about sparc linux: it didn't run on the enterprise 1000s when last i
looked, but we'll be glad to try it out if i'm out of date or simply
wrong. in fact, we'll be freeing up an enterprise 1000e in the next few
weeks on which we can try to run sparc linux (i was talking to jem about
this one the way home today).

                             Paul Jones
   "We must protect our precious bodily fluids!" General Jack D Ripper
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