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RE: Authorship

At 00:38 2000-06-02 -0400, David Merrill wrote:
>The tools are my biggest problem. After nearly a month of abortive
attempts to
>get a working DocBook environment established, I am on the point of giving
>I've considered upgrading from RH6.1 to RH6.2 because it seems to include all
>the packages I need in rpms.
>Sorry for the rant, but I'm getting frustrated. What I'm trying, and failing,
>to say is that a little hand holding would be appreciated. Even if you
think it
>belongs in an appendix or a separate HOWTO, please provide more information,
>rather than less, on establishing a working environment for DocBook.

I am not having such a frustrating time of it, but I have found that
figuring out how to set up the tools is complex enough to warrant it's own
HOWTO. The Using DocBook and HOWTO HOWTOs are a good start. There is some
specific information about using DocBook to author LDP documents that could
stand some work; I plan to contribute to this as soon as I figure it out
myself.  ;-)

I first tried DocBook on a Red Hat 6.2 box, so my only problems were with
learning the tools. That wasn't too hard, thanks to my experience with
HTML. We could make it easier for newbies to just jump in and get started.
You shouldn't have to spend more time setting up tools than is absolutely

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