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writing HOWTO in DocBook 3.1 SGML

I am writing a HOWTO in DocBook 3.1 SGML using the Red Hat 6.2 updated packages of Cygnus DocBook Tools.

When I try to do 'db2html Enterprise-Linux-Server.sgml' I get thousands of errors! (I increased the # of errors to be output using the -E option). Most of the errors are about undefined tags.

It output the HTML correctly, but the look-and-feel, however, is not like an LDP HOWTO!

Here are the first few lines of the SGML source:

<!DOCTYPE Article PUBLIC "-//Davenport//DTD DocBook V3.0//EN">


<Title>Enterprise Linux Server HOWTO</Title>
<Author><FirstName>by Amir Malik, &lt;amir@infoteen.com&gt;
<PubDate>22 June 2000</PubDate>
<ReleaseInfo>v0.1-beta, 22 June 2000</ReleaseInfo>
<Abstract><Para>Little Intro...</Para></Abstract>


<Chapter id="preface"><Title>Preface</Title>



Is this correct? My feeling is that I don't have the correct LDP stylesheets/DTDs/DSSLs...

I must have overlooked something really simple, can anyone help me?

Thank you,
Amir Malik

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