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RE: Authorship

On 1 Jun 2000, Pal Domokos wrote:

> Hi Gary and everybody,
> Just a couple of notes to the main points (> is Gary's, >> is mine):

> I was talking about potential HOWTO authors. You are talking about potential
> HOWTO readers.

Actually, he's been talking about potential authors. They don't have to be
Linux or computer gurus to be good at one particular issue. I know some
people who could write wonderful IRQ resolution HOWTOs for instance that
have never used Linux or *NIX. Actually, most of them have come around and
seen the light ;-).

> A practical note: I do not quite see how to write about a Linux theme
> while using Windows. For me, it would involve rebooting the machine
> every ten minutes or so.

Because they're writing on a box that can't run Linux due to something out
of their control. Also, they don't have to prefer Linux to be a good
author. Some people like to reboot every ten minutes or so, it gives them
an excuse to do something else. No reason a HOWTO can't be written 10
minutes at a time :).

We shouldn't presume that people have an m$ box and we shouldn't presume
they're only working on Linux. Someone could write a very good HOWTO on
some obscure apache module, but never have shell access to a Linux box.


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