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Re: Authorship

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Mark Komarinski wrote:

> Arright.  Enough talking about me as if I'm not here.


> The HOWTO-HOWTO has to make a few assumptions:
> 1)  The reader knows Linux (regular HOWTO authors do not have this assumption)

I don't think it should presume that. My previous posts list valid

> 2)  The author doesn't know much about SGML or the tools to create SGML.

I don't think this should be presumed either. I do think we need to cater
to those who don't know SGML, but we also need to give those who know SGML
a way to skip the details. A well formed table of contents might be enough
support for that :).

> 3)  *big assumption*  The author wants to use Linux - meaning a
> large preference towards open-source or Linux-based tools.

Again, not necessarily. We recently had a couple of "my company made me do
this thing that I couldn't find documentation for, so I wrote some when I
got it working and here it is" emails. We don't know that these people
like Linux or Open Source. Based on the experience of not finding
documentation and thinking it was bad enough that others shouldn't suffer
indicates they didn't have a good time of whatever they implemented.

> I'm not an expert in SGML or DocBook, nor did I ever claim I was.  My
> history section has said from the beginning:
> This document was started on Aug 26, 1999 by Mark F. Komarinski after
> two day's worth of frustration getting tools to work. If even one LDP
> author is helped by this, then I did my job.
> I think I did my job.

You got me going because I found out it was easy to submit something. I
was also able to find the links and the information to learn how to create


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