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Re: DocBook Guidelines

Mark Komarinski wrote:

>Sounds fair.  How depreciated do we want to go?  <graphic>
being taken
out until 5.0, and 4.0 is barely off and running, but there
better reasons
than depreciation to use <mediaobject>.

I have to agree with Mark. There are good reasons for
tags. I can
think of two immediately:

1) The tag is going to vanish in a later version of the DTD.
sense not to
use it, and the H-H is the place to convey that.

2) The LDP is using some other tag for searching/organizing.
think the H-H is
the place to apprise new and old authors alike of what the
LDP is
using specific
tags for. With 300 tags, we could have chaos. What happens
LDP's usage of SGML
for advanced document management when some HOWTOs don't have
you depend on
and have others whose meaning is ambiguous? This is an
example of
the H-H
conveying LDP policy. If it doesn't do this, we have groups
people running off
in all directions.


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