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Re: DocBook Guidelines

Am 08. Jun, 2000 schwäzte Gary Preckshot so:

> 2) The LDP is using some other tag for searching/organizing. I think
> the H-H is the place to apprise new and old authors alike of what the
> LDP is using specific tags for. With 300 tags, we could have chaos.
> What happens to LDP's usage of SGML for advanced document management
> when some HOWTOs don't have tags you depend on and have others whose
> meaning is ambiguous? This is an example of the H-H conveying LDP
> policy. If it doesn't do this, we have groups of people running off in
> all directions.

I agree that the H-H should convey policy or at least point to LDP policy
info. One of the important things about the policy is putting up changes
as well as updating the policy paper as well. If I have to re-read the
whole thing every time it gets changed I'm going to miss stuff even if I
don't just stop reading it altogether, which is the more likely scenerio


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