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RE: Updates/changes to the HOWTO template.

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> Sent: Saturday, June 10, 2000 5:20 PM
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> Subject: Re: Updates/changes to the HOWTO template.
> Am 08. Jun, 2000 schwäzte Stein Gjoen so:
> > The cleanest solution is to form a sub group of the LDP to create
> > and maintain RPM files (The Debian maintainer is already in 
> the LDP).
> > This gives us control over the LDP specific structure and also I
> > believe this will ensure more distributions package the latest
> > documents as opposed to 2 year old ones.
> Actually, I don't think we should maintain the packages. Way too many
> dists out there. Do we want to maintain RPM for Red Hat, 
> English RPM for
> SuSE, German RPM for SuSE, Turkish RPM for the Turkish dist I showed
> someone, etc? Each of those could be doing stuff differently. Not to
> mention someone that gets the "source tarball" from us :).

We shouldn't bother with all of that jazz.  If we're going to do it, provide
a single spec file to create a relocatable RPM.  This could be installed in
either /usr/doc, for FSSTND systems, or /usr/share/doc for FHS systems.  Not
a big deal.  Debian packages could probably be created from those, I don't
know anything about dpkg, nobody talks about it on any lists that I can
find.  As always, just my $0.02

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