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RE: Updates/changes to the HOWTO template.

Am 10. Jun, 2000 schwäzte Gregory Leblanc so:

> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: der.hans []

> > Actually, I don't think we should maintain the packages. Way too many
> > dists out there. Do we want to maintain RPM for Red Hat, 
> > English RPM for
> > SuSE, German RPM for SuSE, Turkish RPM for the Turkish dist I showed
> > someone, etc? Each of those could be doing stuff differently. Not to
> > mention someone that gets the "source tarball" from us :).
> We shouldn't bother with all of that jazz.  If we're going to do it, provide
> a single spec file to create a relocatable RPM.  This could be installed in
> either /usr/doc, for FSSTND systems, or /usr/share/doc for FHS systems.  Not
> a big deal.  Debian packages could probably be created from those, I don't
> know anything about dpkg, nobody talks about it on any lists that I can
> find.  As always, just my $0.02

Oh a few of us use debian. I personally loathe dpkg, but I've never
learned how to use it :). apt, however, kicks ass :).

I think we should provide a tarball with tools that can change the links
or better yet create patches that can be applied. The patch mechanism is
what debian needs.

It shouldn't be difficult.


use Getops::Long;
GetOptions ('prefix=s' 'relative')

$opt_prefix or $opt_prefix = '/usr/share/doc/HOWTO'; # or whatever is std
$opt_relative and add_code_to_handle_relative_paths; # ;-)

while (<>) {
   s@regex to find (HOWTO) references@$opt_prefix/$1@g;

It needs a bit more intelligence than that (like references that end up
broken across multiple lines), but it's a search and replace algorithm, so
it shouldn't be too hard :). We'll need it to provide our own package

Adding multiple language support might be a bit more difficult, but should
still be easy, especially if we get help from the package maitainers,
e.g. they give us their requirements.

If the package maitainers then have a Makefile or script they use to build
the packages we could store those, but the package maintainers for the
dists should create the packages. We might even ask that they make them
available for us to mirror on our ftp site.


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