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RE: DocBook Guidelines and other crap.

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> From: Poet/Joshua Drake []
> Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2000 7:12 AM
> To: ldp-discuss@lists.linuxdoc.org
> Subject: DocBook Guidelines and other crap.
> Hello,
> We have put forth many suggestions and gotten many comments and still
> we have people that don't read their email and then go off with new
> authors and make them think we are a bunch of mifits.
> DocBook is simple, at this time these are the rules (unless someone,
> e.g. a majority of the group decide otherwise)
> 1. We currently accept DocBook 3.1 (4.0 is under consideration)
> 2. Graphics are accepted in GIF (be aware of patent issues), JPG and
> must include their EPS counterparts. If they do not we will 
> not process
> your howto.
> 3. Do NOT use deprecated tags. You can get a listing of these from:
> http://www.docbook.org
> Am I missing anything?

Are we interested in making any policy about tag minimization?

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