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Re: Rep:Re: Permission to submit HOWTO

David Lawyer wrote:
> > Gary Preckshot wrote:
> > > 5) because of rugged individualists using straight
> > > text editors to write SGML manually, there's a
> > > move afoot to use a non-standard version of
> > > DocBook without many end tags and reduced nesting.
> > > The effect of this on the virtual search
> > > capability is unknown. The main reason for this
> > > move is to avoid typing.
> >
> There is no such "move afoot".  I'm the one that suggested minimal
> tags and I withdrew my suggestion since I mistakenly thought that
> DocBook could be made as simple as LinuxDoc.

It can by decimating the tag hierarchy through a layout.
This makes a defined subset available to you and if your
editor supports this, you can be notified during validation
that you have exceeded the subset. Also, if your editor
supports it, working from the subset it can offer you only
tags that are part of your subset at the insertion point in
your document.

>  I was wrong and said so
> in a previous post.  If one wants minimal tags, then they should use
> LinuxDoc.

If they use LinuxDoc, they may not be able to use the full
search capabilities (when we decide what they are) of
DocBook. That's because LinuxDoc translation can by
necessity only result in a subset of DocBook, and that
subset may not contain the tag hierarchies LDP is using for

>  That's what I currently use and spend less than 1% of my
> HOWTO writing efforts dealing with tags.   Perhaps I should spend more
> time on this (in LinuxDoc) by adding keywords, etc.

Unless they can be translated, it may be a unique effort.


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