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Re: Completely confused

Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> >>>>> "D" == David Lloyd <lloy0076@rebel.net.au> writes:
>     D> ... or maybe even if you can work out what's happening with my
>     D> blasted TeX installation...
> Ah, yes, the Great Dark DocBook Secret: In traditional free-software
> based DocBook SGML, all print backends have their roots in a broken
> backend program called jadetex.
> After numerous complaints about this and that, the author of jadetex
> came forward on the docbook-apps mailing list to explain that he never
> intended for jadetex to be anything more than a proof of concept, that
> it was horribly broken, and that he no longer had interest, the
> resources or need to maintain it.  It is an orphaned open source
> program, in bad need of a complete re-write.  Volunteers are most
> welcome ;)

Hmm....*that* would explain a lot.  I don't see JadeTex listed at
the unmaintained OSS site (http://unmaintained.sourceforge.net).
Perhaps JadeTex can be added to it and find a new maintainer?


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