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Re: Requiring use of DocBook; LinuxDoc

> Jorge Godoy wrote:

> > (http://metalab.unc.edu/godoy/using-docbook) and give you all needed
> > help that you couldn't get there. I'm changing this document for two
> > purposes: including more basic information (maybe another document)
> > and converting it to a chapter for the LAG (Mark, we chould change
> > this name. It may be either the Linux Authoring Guide or the Linux
> > Administrator's Guide. I suggest it be LDAG - Linux Documentation
> > Authoring Guide).
> > 
> > Feedback is appreciated.
the following abstract of the docbook HOWTO is exactly what make me not
use it...

 The identifier systems used by the SGML and by some tools are
based on catalogues which perform the translation of these identifiers
over to files holding the necessary definitions.

The section on tailoring a catalogue (see Section 4) will give more details about these files.

For such tools to be able to find the necessary catalogue(s) the value of the
 environment variable SGML_CATALOG_FILES should be configured, as shown
in the following example:

$ export SGML_CATALOG_FILES="/usr/lib/sgml/catalog"

it's an absolute nonsense for a non programmer person. what is a
catalogue? what is an identifier system?

I don't wan to cope with such "cooking recipe" problem. I wan to see
paragraphs, sections or figures.

I've just downloaded the very last sgmltools lite, and I hope to have lyx
running dokbook a day or an other, but this is a two years :-( effort !
(and I did manual sgml very fast, without all this mess)

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