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Re: First pass for LDP-Author-Guide

Bravo! Author! Author!

Just to make the book a little more clear and the TOC less daunting, I
would collect sections 2 and 4 to 7 into a subsection called "Using
DocBook" itself a subsection of Tools.  Chapter 8 should also be moved
into the Tools section.  This would make the book more to the purpose
of its title and less of a "DocBook for LDP Authors", even though that
is really the bulk of the purpose of the book, which opens up future
expansion into subjects unrelated to the DocBook tools (such as "How to 
decide on a topic" or "Is this a HOWTO, a Guide or what?")

And don't forget our section on writing style (with instructions on how
to write technical Haiku!)

Also, we had a flurry of emails yesterday as we prep'ed Eric Raymond's
CML2 guide for DocBook; in the process I discovered the beauty of
using wdiff for collaborative docbook work: When piped into less,
wdiff shows his changes underlined, mine in bold, and it was trivial
to cut and paste the updates into the master document.  What I'd
really like to know now is how to get those same effects using wdiff
within Emacs.

GUI editing tools should include TkSGML (best I've found so far next
to Emacs) and ConchB (has it been updated).  You might also mention
just in passing the commercial softwares such as FrameMaker, Arbortext
and XMetal and the various DocBook mailing lists.

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