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Re: Proposed new HOWTO - Lotus Domino

Go for it. I tried to install Domino a couple of weeks ago and gave up.


On Wed, 28 Jun 2000 ABell@intec.co.uk wrote:

<CITE>I am an experienced Lotus Domino Programmer/Administrator and an Advanced 
<CITE>Lotus Business Partner but fairly new to the wonderful world of Linux, I 
<CITE>have set up Lotus Domino server on a few computers with a variety of linux 
<CITE>distributions and I feel a HOWTO in this area would be of assistance to 
<CITE>the Lotus and Linux community. I would be happy to write and maintain a 
<CITE>HOWTO covering the installation and configuration of Lotus Domino server 
<CITE>and the Lotus Notes client running under Wine. (Lotus Notes client under 
<CITE>Wine is now very impressive.)
<CITE>Alan Bell
<CITE>Senior Lotus Domino Developer
<CITE>Intec Systems Ltd.

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