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[Scott Berry <n7zib@tritel.net>] a lot of documents from www.linuxdoc.org in text

This was posted to the BLinux list: I thought our documents were
already available in txt format.  Did he perhaps miss something in his
search to find them?

I am converting a lot of the documentation for people who are using 
zip speak in to .txt files if you want any let me know and if I do not 
have it I will definitely look at getting it.  Also another idea crossed 
my mind I have a web page how would people feel if I put a linux 
link on the page and made a page for the blinux-newbie mailing list 
with info that new and yet people who are experienced could use at 
the same time and all the info I would convert in to .txt just 
because .pdf format is not reall accessible and I have the tools to 
turn this stuff in to .txt files and do not have a problem doing it.  I 
would like to get some feedback on this please.
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