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My first draft submission of Bash-Scripting HOWTO

A couple of weeks back I submitted the first draft of a "Bash-Scripting
HOWTO" in text format (gzipped as an attachment). To date, I haven't
heard any feedback from the LDP, not even an acknowledgement of receipt.

Since then, I have learned of a possible complication. Looking at the newly
submitted updates section of the LDP site, I saw that Mike G
(mikkey@dynamo.com.ar), had posted version 0.07 of his "BASH Programming -
Introduction HOW-TO", dated 22 June 2000 (about a week after my own
submission). I e-mailed Mike G, asking to discuss this, but have received no

To resolve any potential confusion, I will rename my own proposed HOWTO as the
"Advanced Bash-Scripting HOWTO", since there is not actually all that much 
overlap in subject matter. These two HOWTOs could actually be considered

What say you people?



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