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Re: First pass for LDP-Author-Guide

Dan York wrote:
> 13. As a potential new HOWTO author, it would be extremely helpful
>     if there was a "template" SGML document available that I could
>     download, open up, and start editing.  It seems that most of
>     the HOWTOs have similar sections... like an "About this Guide",
>     Feedback, Copyrights and Trademarks, Acknowledgements and Thanks, etc.
>     There's also a basic way that it seems you want a section/chapter
>     to be created. The template could include the tags to start a
>     couple of sections.

I sent a preliminary structure (plain text) like this to the list about
a month ago, along with some other suggestions. Many of the suggestions
I made were incorporated, but this one seemed to disappear. Was there a
problem or disagreement with it, or did it perhaps drop through the
cracks? This is now a second person with the same idea, so perhaps it is
worth doing?

David C. Merrill, Ph.D.

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