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First pass for LDP-Author-Guide

I'm not going to submit this to the LDP yet, since Jorge and I are
working on some fine-tuning.  However, I'd like the members to take
a look at what we're working on and make suggestions before the first
I've used db2html to generate the book, so I don't want any formatting
comments - I'm looking for content comments.

The biggest changes so far are:

1) Renaming to LDP Author Guide (LAG for short)
2) Included Jorge's "Using DocBook" document (chapter 5).  How's the
placement?  Should it be moved to before "getting started with DocBook"?
3) Added Jorge as co-author.  It's only fair.
4) Now in book format instead of article.  The source SGML is reaching 130kb.

Big thanks to Jorge for his editing of my document and making the LAG a better

Oh yeah.  Location:



Carlo Gavazzi IPC     | Mark F. Komarinski, RHCE - Compat. Engineer|
176 Second Ave        | markk@cgipc.com - www.cgipc.com            |
Waltham, MA 02451 USA | Ph: 781-266-1138  Fx: 781-290-4810         |

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