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sgmltools Questions

Uncle. I'm sure this is a FAQ I've missed, and I've searched high and
low. But right now I am spending much more time on web searches than

I am currently trying to update a couple of mini HOWTOs. Using vim to
write (my preference). I've got sgml key mappings, etc so this is
working well for me. Occasionally, I'd like to get a look at the HTML
(or alternately text) rendered version. I am using Redhat, and have
sgmltools-1.09 installed with jade, etc. This works, but not well.
<sect2> is broken with HTML. So reading the HOWTO-HOWTO, I see
mentions of sgmtools-2. Where? sgmltools.org gets a 404. Nothing on
rpmfind.net greater than 1.09 (that I see). Freshmeat lists v2, but
back we go to 404 at sgmltools.org.

OK, so sgmltools-lite. BTW, why is this called 'lite'? Is it a partial
implementation? It seems the only place for this is sourceforge.net.
I find plenty of references to it there, but nothing for download that
I see. I go in circles there. If someone has a URL for either
sgmltools-2 or lite, could they post a URL that I can just grab with

I haven't yet absorbed all the tools involved here and the
relationships between them (jade, etc), so if I am missing something
really simple and fundamental, please clue me. Again, I am looking for
something quick and easy just to translate sgml -> html.


Hal B

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