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RE: sgmltools Questions

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> From: Hal Burgiss []
> Sent: Friday, July 07, 2000 5:40 PM
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> Subject: sgmltools Questions
> Uncle. I'm sure this is a FAQ I've missed, and I've searched high and
> low. But right now I am spending much more time on web searches than
> writing. 

Unfortunately, so is ESR, and he's not being anywhere near so nice about it.

> I am currently trying to update a couple of mini HOWTOs. Using vim to
> write (my preference). I've got sgml key mappings, etc so this is
> working well for me. Occasionally, I'd like to get a look at the HTML
> (or alternately text) rendered version. I am using Redhat, and have
> sgmltools-1.09 installed with jade, etc. This works, but not well.
> <sect2> is broken with HTML. So reading the HOWTO-HOWTO, I see
> mentions of sgmtools-2. Where? sgmltools.org gets a 404. Nothing on
> rpmfind.net greater than 1.09 (that I see). Freshmeat lists v2, but
> back we go to 404 at sgmltools.org.

First things first, what is the first line of your SGML HOWTO?  Or phrased
another way, are you using LinuxDoc or DocBook?

> OK, so sgmltools-lite. BTW, why is this called 'lite'? Is it a partial
> implementation? It seems the only place for this is sourceforge.net.
> I find plenty of references to it there, but nothing for download that
> I see. I go in circles there. If someone has a URL for either
> sgmltools-2 or lite, could they post a URL that I can just grab with
> wget?

Lite is called such because it does not bundle jade or any other tools, only
the python scripts that do the processing.

> I haven't yet absorbed all the tools involved here and the
> relationships between them (jade, etc), so if I am missing something
> really simple and fundamental, please clue me. Again, I am looking for
> something quick and easy just to translate sgml -> html.

Go to http://sources.redhat.com/docbook-tools/, and download their RPMs.  If
you're using Debian, I think something like apt-get sgml-doc will work.  If
you're not using either RPM or debian, can't help you very much.  Anyway,
those tools should get you started, then, hopefully, you can just run
'db2html howto.sgml' and get your output.  If you're using LinuxDoc,
somebody else can help, but since it doesn't sound like you're already stuck
with knowing LinuxDoc, learn DocBook.  HTH,

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