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Re: sgmltools Questions

On Fri, Jul 07, 2000 at 11:55:08PM -0700, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> > I am currently trying to update a couple of mini HOWTOs. Using vim to
> > write (my preference). I've got sgml key mappings, etc so this is
> > working well for me. Occasionally, I'd like to get a look at the HTML
> > (or alternately text) rendered version. I am using Redhat, and have
> > sgmltools-1.09 installed with jade, etc. This works, but not well.
> > <sect2> is broken with HTML. So reading the HOWTO-HOWTO, I see
> > mentions of sgmtools-2. Where? sgmltools.org gets a 404. Nothing on
> > rpmfind.net greater than 1.09 (that I see). Freshmeat lists v2, but
> > back we go to 404 at sgmltools.org.
> First things first, what is the first line of your SGML HOWTO?  Or phrased
> another way, are you using LinuxDoc or DocBook?

Linuxdoc. Actually looking at updating two mini HOWTOs, and both are
> Lite is called such because it does not bundle jade or any other tools, only
> the python scripts that do the processing.

> > I haven't yet absorbed all the tools involved here and the
> > relationships between them (jade, etc), so if I am missing something
> > really simple and fundamental, please clue me. Again, I am looking for
> > something quick and easy just to translate sgml -> html.
> Go to http://sources.redhat.com/docbook-tools/, and download their RPMs.  If
> you're using Debian, I think something like apt-get sgml-doc will work.  If
> you're not using either RPM or debian, can't help you very much.  Anyway,
> those tools should get you started, then, hopefully, you can just run
> 'db2html howto.sgml' and get your output.  If you're using LinuxDoc,
> somebody else can help, but since it doesn't sound like you're already stuck
> with knowing LinuxDoc, learn DocBook.  HTH,
>    Grego

Are they _that_ different? I am learning mostly by example at this
point from the existing mini HOWTOs that I am working on. Does it blow
things just to change the doctype? I am using RH BTW, so I'll have a
look there. Thanks for that pointer. souceforge has been an adventure
so far. 

Hal B

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