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Distribution-specific items


I'm working on the Ldap-authentication HOWTO, and I have a question
regarding distribution-specific issues. I have documented at first how to
compile and set things up from source, and now I'm working on the
RedHat-specific setup, with rpm's and the like, as this is the system we
are going to use. Is there a consensus about this subject in how to
incorporate these two branches into one doc? It's only in a few sections
that I need to use it, but I wouldn't like to throw out the source-things.

Any comments?

Thanks in advance,

Roel van Meer

Linvision BV                  tel: 015-2600433
Delftechpark 26               fax: 015-2600405
2628 XH Delft                 r.vanmeer@linvision.com
The Netherlands               www.linvision.com

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