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Re: Distribution-specific items

On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Roel van Meer wrote:

> I'm working on the Ldap-authentication HOWTO, and I have a question
> regarding distribution-specific issues. I have documented at first how to
> compile and set things up from source, and now I'm working on the
> RedHat-specific setup, with rpm's and the like, as this is the system we
> are going to use. Is there a consensus about this subject in how to
> incorporate these two branches into one doc? It's only in a few sections
> that I need to use it, but I wouldn't like to throw out the source-things.

Make them subsubsections.

So if 5.2 is about OpenLDAP then 5.2.1 would be using plain source files
and 5.2.2 would be about RPM.

Then someone can send in some info to make 5.2.3 which is about Debian.

(Just an example of how I would do it.)


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