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Re: Commercial Environment Linux Howto

Hi Alistair,

Just a note to commend you on your idea - I'm sure it will be extremely
useful to those of us commercial users of Linux. 


Best regards,

Des Aubery
(adTherm Technologies, East London, E.Cape, South Africa)
>From: Alistair Mann <alistair@lgeezer.demon.co.uk>
>To: ldp-discuss@lists.linuxdoc.org
>Subject: Commercial Environment Linux Howto
>Date: Tue, Jul 11, 2000, 10:14 AM

>Hi all,
>I've been working on some documentation under the provisional name "Getting
>Linux into the Commercial Environment HOWTO" which aims to address the more
>abstract issues presented to netadmins and sysadmins. I'm focusing much less
>on the technical details of being an admin (the NAG and Aeleen Frisch's SAG
>have thoroughly covered this field) and far more on the technical logistics
>of rolling Linux out (after which NAG and SAG takes over) and the internal
>politics of such a move.
>I've lurked the mailing list for a week or two, but I've a couple of
>questions anyway...
>1. This is what I'm working on; is anyone else?
>2. The howto-howto spends all its time on the presentation rather than the
>content of new howtos. The presentation of the howtos in docbook format is
>interesting -- is there an online archive of the discussion that led to its
>Alistair Mann
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