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Re: Commercial Environment Linux Howto


Well, I'm working on something with the title along the lines of "Enterprise Linux Server HOWTO".... I haven't got very far in writing it, but am planning to include everything from choosing the right distribution for an enterprise server environment, configuring it, security, firewalls, restricted access, administration, upgrades, etc.

Are you writing about commercial uses of linux, say for example, using it as a replacement for another OS in offices, etc. ???
I'm focusing on the heavy-duty-enterprise-server aspect of it....


"Alistair Mann" <alistair@lgeezer.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>Hi all,
>I've been working on some documentation under the provisional name "Getting
>Linux into the Commercial Environment HOWTO" which aims to address the more
>abstract issues presented to netadmins and sysadmins. I'm focusing much less
>on the technical details of being an admin (the NAG and Aeleen Frisch's SAG
>have thoroughly covered this field) and far more on the technical logistics
>of rolling Linux out (after which NAG and SAG takes over) and the internal
>politics of such a move.
>I've lurked the mailing list for a week or two, but I've a couple of
>questions anyway...
>1. This is what I'm working on; is anyone else?
>2. The howto-howto spends all its time on the presentation rather than the
>content of new howtos. The presentation of the howtos in docbook format is
>interesting -- is there an online archive of the discussion that led to its
>Alistair Mann
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