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Re: Why not create packages?

> Greg,
> > > Stein's LWN news piece made me curious - why don't we make available
> > > packages in rpm and dpkg formats? (and a tarball for that matter)
> >
> > Of HOWTOs? We have that. It's re-built every couple of days. See:
> >
> >    http://www.linuxdoc.org/docs.html#howto
> >
> > We have tarball's of all HOWTOs in: HTML, PostScript, plain text and
> Duh... I should have remembered that since I downloaded one of them at
> one point!
> Okay, so we've got tarballs.... how about making rpm and dpkg files?

Tarballs of the DocBook SGML source would be useful too, especially for:

1) People who want to roll their own documents
2) People who need it in multiple formats
3) Translation projects

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