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Re: updates

Greg Ferguson wrote:
>   CVS-RCS- HOW-TO document for Linux (Source Code Control System)
>   Al Dev (Alavoor Vasudevan)        alavoor@yahoo.com
>   v11.0, 10 June 2000
>         * updated
>         http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/CVS-RCS-HOWTO.html

I'm pretty disappointed with this document.  It promises that it is
a "practical guide" to very quickly setup of CVS/RCS system, but mostly
it just says "to do foo see URL bar".  As this is a relatively new
document, I hope that those are only place holders for more valuable

The only part I find useful are the shell scripts for CVS command wrapping,
but even those are authors personal choice of using CVS and should not
be recommended to users who would like to learn CVS from scratch.  IMHO,
they should be taught basic CVS commands, not using wrapper scripts that
won't be available on some systems.

Please take this as an advice.  This will be a good document if all the
sections will learn users what they promise and if you add something
like "CVS use-cases".

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