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[Rosemary_Kelly@idg.com: Linux Exhibitor Registration Password Information]


The LDP will have a boot at the IDG linux world.

If you want a badge or a free entry, please mail me.

If you can be at the expo and on the LDP booth to answer people
questions, please mail me too.

> From: Rosemary_Kelly@idg.com
> Subject: Linux Exhibitor Registration Password Information
> Dear Exhibitor,
> Just a friendly reminder that the advance exhibitor registration
> deadline for
> LinuxWorld Conference & Expo is
> Friday, July 14, 2000. Any badges entered on or before July 14, 2000
> will be
> mailed to your company. Any additions made after July 14, 2000 can be
> picked up
> at exhibitor registration located in the lower level concourse of the
> San Jose
> Convention Center during the hours mentioned below.
> Saturday  August 12 noon- 6pm
> Sunday         August 13 8-6pm
> Monday    August 14 8-6pm
> Tuesday   August 15      8-6pm
> Wednesday August 16 8-6pm

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guylhem \@/ metalab.unc.edu                    http://www.iMedecin.com
"They who can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary
safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."  -----  Benjamin Franklin

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