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Re: Document preparation help


DocBook can handle this. Go to http://www.docbook.org and click on the TDG
link. You read about tables there.

Joshua Drake

On Fri, 14 Jul 2000, User one account wrote:

>I am trying to write a HOWTO that would benefit greatly from an active table
>and want to know if anybody can help me do this.
>What I am doing is writing instructions on how to install any two O/S's
>together on a single disk.  So I'd like to display a table/matrix with the O/S
>names as the coordinates and have each cell hyperlinked to a chapter or
>page of instructions appropriate to those two O/S's.  I'd also want to keep
>each combination as a Table of Contents entry.
>Can someone give me a SGML template I can use for this?  Is this too complex
>for a HOWTO?  I know this would break as text, will it break during conversion
>to other formats (PDF, Postscript etc.) also?
>Any help would be appreciated.
>Bob Schultz
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with a subject of "unsubscribe". Trouble? Contact listmaster@lists.debian.org