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LinuxDoc templates

On Wed, Jul 12, 2000 at 01:42:29PM +0200, Stein Gjoen wrote:
> If you found the tags too cryptic and the docs unclear I would say
> we have a problem, no matter who you might be. I wrote the original
> LinuxDoc DTD Template and would like feedback from you and anyone
> else who have found anything unclear.

We have a proliferation of templates.  There is the original
example.sgml dated 1994 by Mat Welsh.  It needs improvement but may be
the best one so far.  Then there is the revision of this by Taketoshi
Sano.  There is also Stein Gjoen's template which serves the same
purpose.  I've also started some drafts.

I think we need a few different templates.  But they should all be in
a unified series.  I've written a very elementary one (lesson 1 =
example1.sgml).  It only uses only 5 tags (article>, <title>,
<author>, <sect>, <p> (paragraph).  It assumes that the reader has no
idea what a tag is, etc.  

Then the next one: example2.sgml will introduce some more tags so that
one may write a short and simple HOWTO.  Then example3.sgml would
cover topics such as lists, fonts, etc. so that one may write a long
HOWTO.  example4.sgml would cover more advanced topics such as tables
and keywords.  

Each higher numbered example would include all the tags
introduced in lower numbered examples, but would not explain them
much.  Then there would be a reference example that would have all the
tags of the other examples but with very terse explanations.  It would
be used by persons who have first gone thru the other examples but
have forgotten some tags.

The text of these examples only explains the use of the tags.  It
doesn't explain anything about the reasons for sgml, what a DTD is, or
even the coversion commands such as sgml2html.  It's sole purpose is
to enable one to create a document in LinuxDoc.

                David Lawyer

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