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Re: Network Administrators Guide


I have already received the document and the O`Reilly figures. ALthough I
have not yet been able to put up the new figures or alternative formats.

There is no reason to get snippy. I was only wondering why we hadn't
received it yet. Besides, when something is advertised as an "LDP
Document" I expect that would have it in our archives when people come
looking for it.

Joshua Drake

On Sat, 15 Jul 2000, Terry Dawson wrote:

>Poet/Joshua Drake wrote:
>> Apparently their is a New Linux Network Administrator's Guide. Supposedly
>> it is still and LDP document and is a Free documentation.
>> Does anyone know anything about this? Has it been submitted to ldp-submit?
>You were going to get it when I was good and ready to send it to you.
>Might have made sense to email me directly about it, no? Pretty wild to
>assume I still actively read this list.
>I've got some things I'd still like to do with it. I have my original
>amateurish figures, but not the O'Reilly versions.

You know what? Consumerism works. You don't believe me? Who is the largest 
single ISP in the world? AOL (That would be America Online). Why? Because it
is, "easy," "five minutes and you're up!", "IM (Instant Messaging) is 
Awesome!". Yes, it makes me want to grab the nearest trash can and pray very
loudly into it. Consumerism works, it works well and it is taking the market 
by storm. 

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