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New lurker to the list(:

Hello(: Just letting everyone know that I am ready and willing to help... A
shortened version of my resume is in the volunteer db, but here's a
highlight so you don't have to head over there (quick link to my online one
here http://www.thinkers.org/mel/resume.htm) 

Skills: *UNIX/Linux (courses at college and at-home reading/tinkering)
        *Writing/Editing (university, one credit short of a B.A. in
classical studies, also much writing in my well-spent youth:)
        *Basic understanding of programming (again, courses at college-
Intro to programming, and intro to programming with VB. next I'm taking
Java, but I haven't saved up the cash yet)
        *HTML (college and home business)
        *PaintShop Pro/Adobe Photoshop

Experience: *Linux.com/jobs -Living the Linux Life (my column)
            *Second Star Productions (my home business- very small)
            *Went to highschool area-wide poetry competition- one of two
chosen from my school (yes, I'm an artsy-turned-geek. not that it really
counts as 'experience' but it does show that I know what to do with words:)

Interesting stuff: *Latin and Greek (ie. big vocabulary, good grammar and
                   *Archaeology (Mediterranean from B.C.E. 10,000 to C.E.
500. I even remember a lot of it too)

Hope that helps.
Melanie Burrett

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