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Re: New lurker to the list(:


Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> >>>>> "m" == melanie burrett <wirren@excite.com> writes:
>     m> *Went to highschool area-wide poetry competition- one of two
>     m> chosen from my school (yes, I'm an artsy-turned-geek. not that
>     m> it really counts as 'experience' but it does show that I know
>     m> what to do with words:)
> Don't _turn_ geek, just add it.  Poetry is not just 'experience' you've
> gained, but an essential skill, and no need to dump it or apologize for
> it. Both Bucky Fuller and Marshall McLuhan said the future belongs to
> the artist-scientist ... and I bet you may be surprised to find out
> just how many of us fit this description.

Welcome to the list. And I completely agree with Gary.  Many people outside
of the Linux "community" assume I am a hard-core geek (okay, that's pretty
true) who must have years of computer experience (I do) and education to
match (somewhat). It routinely blows their mind when I tell them that I
have a Bachelor's degree in German (in truth, I had a pseudo-minor in CS).
People in this world understand that.  We come from different backgrounds.
Some of us studied CS. Some didn't. Some have college degrees. Some don't.
It doesn't matter. We're united in the passionate pursuit of creativity
and of improving and using this thing we call Linux. And we are always
definitely in need of people who can *write* coherently.  So welcome.

My 2 cents,

P.S. I write poetry too,
     Although not in haiku.  :-)

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