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Idea : common dir and tree (Rep:Re: Why not create packages?)

> Perhaps LDP should specify a distribution-neutral 
> location for all the HOWTOs, such as /opt/doc 

We have been talking about this with KDP and GDP.

Basically, for a unified documentation browser/search
engine, we need a standard.

My idea would be putting the following hierarchy in a
dir, for ex /opt/doc :

lang/de (etc)

We could just provide link for dirs (for ex,
/usr/man/man1 to man/man1) or for files (for ex
/usr/doc/XXXX in txt/XXXX) or put plain files in that
dir, as you suggested.

In both cases, /opt/doc would look the same on each
distribution, wherever the documents are really put
in, and a documentation browser or a hand browsing
would be very easy, all the documents being available
in a single dir..

Likewise packages would only have to add their
documentation there to be automatically added to the
browser "index" and "search base", regardless where
it is installed.

For ex, if staroffice did provide pdf documentation
in /usr/doc/some/lost/directory/somewhere/doc.pdf, it
would be as simple as providing a link in
/opt/doc/pdf/staroffice to add its documentation to
the database.

> And perhaps it's just too much of a pain in the

No. We need a quick solution, each distro is putting
its docs in its own dir, FSSTND is messy...

KDE and GNOME doc proj. are interested in that idea.

My idea : let's go for /opt/doc and put this tree, if
FSSTND comes with an intelligent place in the future,
it will just be a matter of replacing /opt/doc by
that in the future.

And all the documentations/formats/languages/whatever
will be in the same place.

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