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Re: Idea : common dir and tree (Rep:Re: Why not create packages?)

On Wed, Jul 19, 2000 at 02:51:04PM -0400, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> Many people, primarily young people ;), have lobbied for merging these
> heirarchies, and all have been defeated by the very valid requirements
> of system administrators on large systems.  For your personal Linux
> box, you may do what you like, but the executive summary of all of this
> is that the current schemes exist for good reasons and any new scheme
> (as with any area of life) must consider the _whole_ ecology.

I still use /usr/dangerous :-) where I install the software I compile,
while I prefer /opt/ for precompiled or huge compiled packages

But your comment is very adequate, I suggest we use :

for the packaged documentation, while :

would be used for the HOWTO packages (deb, rpm...) soon available from

DocBrowser could easilly parse both directories, the later superceding
the former, to present the users a good interface to documentation.

man page, info files and "foreign" doc in /usr/doc could be handled
either by symlinks or by coding a search routine in the standard paths.

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