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Processing of XML does not require XSL (Was: First Open Source Documentation Summit at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention

On Wednesday 19 July 2000, at 22 h 19, the keyboard of Gary Lawrence Murphy 
<garym@canada.com> wrote:

> Since the DocBook XML files are (IIRC) XSL files and there are "no
> seriously reliable XSL FO" tools, then isn't the answer to "Can I
> print DocBook XML?" also "no"? 

It is often said, specially in marketing publications, that you need XSL to do 
anything with XML.


XML is a subset of SGML. You can use any SGML tool, like jade, which I use to 
process my DocBook/XML files.

Also, you can use custom programs written with the SAX or the DOM APIs, for 
which implementations exist for many programming languages.

> Maybe I am just getting lost in acronyms again.  The real question I
> want to answer is must simpler: Given a DocBook XML source file, what
> are the shell commands to generate a printable output at least as good
> as DocBook SGML through jadetex?

Exactly the same :-)

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