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RE: OpenSSH HOWTO or mini-HOWTO?

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> From: David Lloyd []
> Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2000 5:51 PM
> To: Aaron Grothe
> Cc: ldp-discuss@lists.linuxdoc.org
> Subject: Re: OpenSSH HOWTO or mini-HOWTO?
> Aaron!
> > I've been thinking their is no HOWTO on using OpenSSH.  I 
> was wondering
> > if one was currently in development, if not I would be interested in
> > taking a shot at it.  I've read the HOWTO-HOWTO and have a 
> pretty good
> > idea about the overall process.
> The man pages are OK for SSH and OpenSSH but I think a HOWTO would be
> appropriate. I've been debating whether to start one or not myself,
> perhaps we could co-author it (if one doesn't currently exist)?
> Incidentally, I could check all the grammar :-)

I'd be happy to serve as an editor, for both grammar and content.  I've been
using OpenSSH for a while, ever since I couldn't make SSH work properly on
my systems :-).  Let me know when you've got something for me to beat up on,
and I'll take a look.

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