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Re: OpenSSH HOWTO or mini-HOWTO?


Sounds great... 

> o. Getting OpenSSH
>      o. RPMs

I would have liked to have something like this available when I 
was trying to install OpenSSH.  I was in a real hurry, because I needed
to connect to a box and found that I hadn't installed ssh on a box
I had... so I downloaded the "openssh" rpm (over a 56K dialup line)...
installed it... and found no "ssh" command... said "huh?"... downloaded
"openssh" again... same result... looked in the ftp directory... found
the "openssh-clients" rpm... downloaded that... tried to install... 
discovered I needed the "openssl" rpm... got that... finally got it
all working and it now is perfectly fine.

But I would have appreciated the clue that I needed more than just
the "openssh" rpm.

It sounds like a good idea for a HOWTO.

My 2 cents,

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