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Re: OpenSSH HOWTO or mini-HOWTO?

Aaron Grothe wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been thinking their is no HOWTO on using OpenSSH.  I was wondering
> if one was currently in development, if not I would be interested in
> taking a shot at it.  I've read the HOWTO-HOWTO and have a pretty good
> idea about the overall process.

Note the HOWTO-HOWTO has now been superceeded by the LDP Author Guide
which is now up on the LDP website

> The overall outline of the HOWTO would be along the lines of
> o.What is OpenSSH?
>      o. History of OpenSSH
>      o. Patents
>      o. Export Restrictions
> o. What is SSH?
> o. Getting OpenSSH
>      o. RPMs
>      o. Source code
> o. Configuring
>      o. Key Exchanges - identifying the other end
>      o. Public Key Infrastructure
> o. Using
>      o. Telnet
>      o. Port Forwarding
> o. References

What about adding something on performance and resource
requirements? Elsewhere I recently saw a big debate over
ssh CPU usage compared to plain telnet.

Also have you checked out the templates available on the
author section
of the LDP?
This is a general suggestion for structure, not a straightjacket.

> I think the length would be on the order of 10-15 pages, to cover the
> most important items.  It will include a few of the more tricky issues

HOWTOs start out small but just keep on growing. 8-)

> in configuration that my team has run across getting OpenSSH setup so we
> can login from home and on the road.  It will not go into a great deal
> of information on PKI as that is a subject that probably will get its
> own HOWTO someday.

To make HOWTOs useful to the large number of people with no or
little Internet access a HOWTO has to be self contained so
essential info must be embedded but a reference section with
external links is still useful.

> "The Journey is the Reward" - Old Zen Buddhist Saying

Writing a HOWTO was someting of a journey to me so I hope
you too will enjoy this as much as the rest of us.

   Stein Gjoen

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