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Re: Boilerplate License Revision Proposal

Le lun, 24 jui 2000, Poet/Joshua Drake a écrit :
> >Yet there is a restriction on commercial reprint.
> >Harmless for the LDP; but not free. We shouldn't restrain people from
> >making money with free software !

in fact the problem is coherence within a collection of bundled docs,
known as HOWTO's.

When I took my HOWTO from the previous author, I did'nt know at all what
licence to use. I kept the old one, but it was evident the previous author
did'nt know either what to do.

A firm recommendation should be done (to be "free") and all the others
docs flagged as so from the title (one can't really read hundreds of doc to
found the one different from the others)

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