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Re: New (to me) DVI->PDF converter

Jorge Godoy wrote:
> >>>>> "Mark" == Mark Komarinski <markk@cgipc.com> writes:
>     Mark> Just found this on freshmeat:
>     Mark> http://gaspra.kettering.edu/dvipdfm/index.htm
>     Mark> The dvipdfm program goes from DVI to PDF (I hope you figured
>     Mark> that out by now).  Seems to make use of the TeX \special tag
>     Mark> to do stuff, and that's about the extent of my TeX
>     Mark> knowledge.
>     Mark> Could this be the replacement for JadeTeX we're looking for?
> I haven't looked at it, yet, but:
> - Does it makes links on PDF? PDFJadetex does... And it goes from TeX
>   to PDF, with no DVI on the process.

The best answer for the capabilities is probably the online manual.
Bookmarks, internal links, text formatting, PNG/EPS/PDF graphics support,
thumbnails, and annotation are supported.
Looks like there's a separate DVI driver for dvipdfm.  Again, I'm not a TeX
expert, so I'm off on "make it all up and hope I sound smart" mode.

> - How good is its output?

Good.  I'm having trouble getting the LAG into DVI format, but
a very simple DocBook document I made went just fine into PDF.

> I think that we also want to get PostScript from our sources... We are
> still needing Jadetex at LDP...

*grumble mutter* darn tool limitations...


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