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QE, was Re: Boilerplate License Revision Proposal

A tangent here...

Jeroen Kuilman wrote:
> ....an idea popped up. What if HP creates a platform on which HPs customers can
> ask their questions/post the problem, and where people from the Linux community
> can work on their problems...in exchange for payment of course. In this way the

I am afraid you are on a good idea too late. Your idea is the very
business idea of QuestionExchange.

I am not advertising for them but I guess some on these lists may be
interested in my experiences. I signed up on their trial pages for
new experts and passed. I'd say most HOWTO/Guide/FAQ authors should
be able to do that easily. After that stage you can trade your answers
for questions and auction off your answers. The business structure is
a bit complicated but well explained.

My point is that while this works it does work because the docs are
not well published and not always well understood and not always found
by those looking. In fact I could easily sell off answers pulled
straight off my HOWTO continuously. I checked QE out to see how visible
existing doces were. The result was depressive.

My impression is that QE makes it possible to make money off your
documentation work as people are quite willing to pay real money
to ask for what is already published freely.

> Of course. If authors (who want to) get a financial reward for their work, there
> will some higher quality documentation.
> I am curious about what you think about my idea.....

It would be interesting to hear other people's experiences with QE, I
am probably not the only HOWTO author there.

   Stein Gjoen

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