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Re: Boilerplate License Revision Proposal

With high interest I am following the discussion on the Boilerplate License
Revision. I am working at so to say the R&D department of HP support. I am busy
looking for ways to improve our current Linux support. While I was reading the

> We are not talking about somebody who is working for RedHat working on the
> Gnome project. It is easy to get paid to write software. It is not so easy
> to get paid to write documentation.

....an idea popped up. What if HP creates a platform on which HPs customers can
ask their questions/post the problem, and where people from the Linux community
can work on their problems...in exchange for payment of course. In this way the
Linux community benefits because (1) the authors are paid for writing the
documentation, (2) the authors can still work on the problems they think are
interesting (3) a better Linux support in general enhances the growth of Linux. HP
benefits by offering a better Linux support and makes some money being an
intermediary between its own customers and the Linux community.
Such a thing could be something like sourcexchange.com, only in this case specific
customer problems are offered (as in providing for Linux support)

> I think that everyone would agree that documentation is very
> important. Quality documentation is more important. We will get higher
> quality documentation, if we can "assist" in the financial support of
> these authors.

Of course. If authors (who want to) get a financial reward for their work, there
will some higher quality documentation.
I am curious about what you think about my idea.....

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