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Navigation, was Re: Idea : common dir and tree

Guylhem Aznar wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 25, 2000 at 08:13:15PM +0200, Stein Gjoen wrote:
> > There is a slight problem with the last line, HTML. Originally
> > I had thought to keep HOWTOs in HTML format at the root of the
> > /usr/share/doc/HOWTO directory which is similar to the older
> > /usr/doc/HOWTO. Should we instead keep these
> > in /usr/share/doc/HOWTO/HTML ? In that case we would have to
> Yes, it would be better.
> > leave pointers in /usr/share/doc/HOWTO as to where the various
> > parts have gone.
> I don't see any real need.

It is a combination of convenience (trying not to make too deep
trees for what is commonly used) and historical reasons (the
HTML files used to he in the ./HOWTO directory, not ./HOWTO/HTML).

In either case I believe we will need a cover page of some sort,
perhaps several sorts. I have discussed it with others and having
thought a bit about it and considered the feedback I believe we
could do with a /usr/share/doc/HOWTO/index.html which looks very
similar in style to the opening page at http://www.LinuxDoc.org/
with a few exceptions:
 - the links are file:// links that point to on-disk files
 - added links that point to the corresponding area at www.LinuxDoc.org
  in order to get the latest copy for those who are online.

Similar navigational index.html files for each sub directory is
also needed.

For those who use file browsers we need an 00-index file for
each directory.

In this scheme these files helps the user navigate quickly and
efficiently and keeping old structures (such as HTML files in
the root of the ./HOWTO directory) is not so important.

Feedback is welcome.

   Stein Gjoen

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