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Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: Future of jadetex (Was: First Open SourceDocumentation Summit at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention

Sebastian Rahtz a écrit :
>  > 1) currently, DocBook -> professional print is not convenient
> "convenient" is a vague word. clearly, many many people do
> professional work with DocBook, from O'Reilly downwards.

>From what I heard O'Reilly uses non-free tools. Which one BTW?

> well, not so. LaTeX has many problems (come to TUG 2000 next month and
> find out!), does not deal with all language, and not all of it is free
> (eg the "french" package). a lot of what one traditionally associates
> with languages in LaTeX (Babel) is not appropriate in this environment
> anyway

Like what?
>  > proposal:
>  >
>  > 1) Define the mean to pass from DocBook to LaTeX:
>  >      - perl/Python
>  >      - DSSSL
>  >      - XSL
> to write the simple transformation from DB to LaTeX would be easy in
> XSL, and would allow for multiple platforms and degrees of
> embedness.

A french academic contacted me to tell me he is working on such a
system. I saw an output example, it seems promising. Unhopefully, France
is a dead country in summer (well, speaking of work ;-) and these XSLs
won't be available before september. Anyway there are some more work to
be done on that, I suggest then we wait until then...

Bye, Camille.

Get your head off the keyboard and look behind the screen.

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