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Re: Licensing.

This is incorrect. It leaves people to make their own decisions about the
license. I don't suggest which is good or bad and have not suggested my
views in any forum except within ldp-discuss.

>The way the question has been worded is "... that authors should be
>able to place commercial printing restrictions on their documents."
>This seems OK at first glance but it is very misleading because it
>fails to state that by putting in such a restriction, an author may then
>sell the rights to print to a favored publisher while prohibiting all
>other publishers from using the material.  People that don't
>understand this may erroneously reason that by prohibiting commercial
>publication, the document will be always free in price, and
>erroneously conclude that such restrictions are good thing.

You are placing your opinions on the bias of the question. You don't think
that these restrictions can be a good thing. I happen to think in certain
(not all) circumstances they can be very useful.

These are opinions not facts. Neither of us can ever prove the other wrong
because both options will work to there own degree.

I made this "survey" completely fair. To suggest anything outside of this
is a mockery of respect and a complete show of idiocy.

>Furthermore, according to out Manifesto (like our constitution) it's
>we the authors who decide, not the users and readers.  We (the
>authors) decide by reason and informed consensus.  What is being done
>is to ask outsiders who have no say in the matter for an uninformed
>input.  It's doubly uniformed because people who respond are not even
>being shown the pro and con arguments on each side.

Of course in the end it is our decision. Is it bad to receive external
feedback to the matter? If you look at the question, it specifically
states, What do you think? It does not state, make the decision for us.

Joshua Drake

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